The Island - 8b+ / 8c Coquibus Rumont

David Graham Prow, Slightly overhanging

evident overhanging prow between Sérénité and Conviction, on the big overhang under the crest, in the Western part of the sector. Sitstart by convention from the stone right under the problem (the one just right to the pads on the picture) and exit by the prow.
Access : follow Le Chemin de Rumont for 50m after the crossing with Le Chemin de la Boulignère and take a small path to the North.

  • Ascents
  • 4.7 Stars
  • 8b+: 66.67%
  • 8c: 33.33%
  • Public
Climber: David Graham Author: Stéphan Denys Copyright: Stephan Denys