Bizarre, Bizarre - 7a Franchard Cuisinière

Manuel Marquès Arete

purely the angle left of Karma, to the right of red n°30, is a 7b; the angle plus the small side hold just left of the angle is 7a/7a+; by convention, the larger holds to the left of the angle may not be used (but most people do: in that case it's a 6c/6c+).

  • Ascents
  • 3.0 Stars
  • 6b: 0.41%
  • 6b+: 0.82%
  • 6c: 9.47%
  • 6c+: 16.05%
  • 7a: 72.43%
  • 7a+: 0.82%
  • Public
Climber: Ralf Fritzinger
Climber: Guy Loppé