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Bizarre, Bizarre   7a

area : Franchard Cuisinière
opened by : Manuel Marquès
opened on : 16.06.1996
type : arete

description : purely the angle left of Karma, to the right of red n°30, is a 7b; the angle plus the small side hold just left of the angle is 7a/7a+; by convention, the larger holds to the left of the angle may not be used (but most people do: in that case it's a 6c/6c+).

reference : topo "7 + 8", p. 87, n°30

see also:  [ 1 realvideo ]  Bizarre, Bizarre assis 7a+

grade according to repeaters :

  6b : 1%
  6b+ : 1%
  6c : 10%
  6c+ : 17%
  7a : 73%
  7a+ : 1%

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climber in picture : Maarten Miedema

videos : -

repetitions : 208 public registrations
reactions about this boulder : 1 of 1 subject
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