Baloo - 7b Maunoury

Sébastien Frigault Overhang, Sitstart

right problem in a 30% overhang underneath Irréversible, in the middle of the slope of the North part of the sector. Sitstart, take a pinch left hand and dyno to the top.

  • Ascents
  • 3.7 Stars
  • 6c: 0.60%
  • 7a: 6.55%
  • 7a+: 15.48%
  • 7b: 58.33%
  • 7b+: 19.05%
  • Public
Climber: Gary Goldfinger Climber: Neil Hart Climber: Chris Hart
Climber: Cédric Morel
Climber: Marc Lehner Climber: Maël Derio
Climber: Cédric Morel
Climber: Frederic Vannucci Author: Gérald Coste
Climber: Jonas Bracke Author: Jan Gorrebeeck