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Climber: Pascal Gagneux
c ou la sortie?? - Vieux crabe (21-03-2006 20:57)
Voila une bien étrange facon de se déplacer. Un peu à la facon d'un ... Décidement les anciens, ils tiennent toujours la route.
Quant pincez vous??
OK - Encore ! (22-03-2006 00:45)
On nous l'a déja faite du coup de l'admirateur qui s'étonne que papy God of court encore dans le 8a+. C'est bon maintenant.
exact location - Anonymous (07-04-2007 02:30)
If any one else decides to go and have a look at this very strange roof then note that the directions are not quite correct. It depends on your approach, but if the roof is to the LEFT of Le chemin du Furet then Double Face is located 100m AFTER the crossing towards I comme irun.

If you are walking from the other direction so that double face is on the RIGHT of le chemin du furet then it is 100m before the crossing towards I comme irun.

Feel free to modify the description and delete this post.

Editors' note : thanks for the remark. With "North" and "East", it will be clear.