La Fontaine Saint-Bernard    

  • Author: Stéphan Denys
  • Author: Gars Des Bois

This small area currently consists of about thirty problems on a few blocks scattered towards the top of a hill. The most convenient access is to park in front of Chalet Jobert and follow the blue path for about 200m until you find the first boulder on the right.


Banzaï! 7b+ Olivier Joanon prow, overhang, sitstart


Ce Nez, ce Cap… 7a Olivier Joanon overhang, mantle, sitstart
Chained 4 Wolfgang Schuessler arete
Ciao Bella 8a Olivier Lebreton traverse fltr, overhang, sitstart
Corned Beef 4+ Wolfgang Schuessler wall, slab


Fausse Joie 6a Romain Philips slopers, sitstart
Furie Barre 7a Stéphan Denys overhang, expo, sitstart


Joie 6c prow
Joie (assis) 7a 6c+ prow, sitstart
Joie (droite assis) 7a+ 7a Jon Smedsaas prow, sitstart
Joie Yo 6a wall, sitstart


L'Arrache 5+ Stéphan Denys slightly overhanging
L'Échappe 5 Stéphan Denys overhang
La Débouche 6b Stéphan Denys slightly overhanging
La Débouche (assis) 6c slightly overhanging, sitstart
La Lordose 6c+ Olivier Joanon slightly overhanging, slopers, sitstart
La Louche 5 Stéphan Denys slightly overhanging
La Règle d'Hercule 6c+ Olivier Joanon overhang, traverse frtl, sitstart
La Règle des Doigts 6c Olivier Joanon overhang, mantle, sitstart
Lanceur d'Alerte 7c Olivier Lebreton slightly overhanging, dyno
Lanceur d'Alerte (assis) 7c+ 7c Olivier Lebreton slightly overhanging, dyno, sitstart
Le Noisettiste 5+ Olivier Lebreton, Laurent Darlot wall
Le Noisettiste (assis) 7a+ Olivier Lebreton, Laurent Darlot wall, sitstart
Le Régaliste 7a prow, sitstart
Le Sabliste 6c Philippe Dumez, Stéphan Denys slightly overhanging
Le Surbac Vert 5+ overhang
Le Surbac Vert (assis) / Ten Smiles 7a 7a+ Olivier Joanon overhang, sitstart
Le Travail d’Hercule 7a Olivier Joanon prow, slopers, sitstart
Lévitation 6a DavideSens mantle, slopers


Nights In White Satin 7a+ Olivier Joanon overhang, mantle, slopers


Oubliette 7b Jérôme Chaput overhang


Smeetee 5 Wolfgang Schuessler wall, slopers
Souterrain 7a Fred traverse frtl, overhang, sitstart


The Lack 4+ Wolfgang Schuessler crack


Unchained 3+ Wolfgang Schuessler arete