Buthiers Nord    

This small sector is located above the N152, just before turning towards the leisure centre. From Milly or from the motorway, go up to the traffic lights and go back in order not to cross the white line. Park the car at the second parking lot on the right. The boulders are 50m further by following a small path on the right.

Blozone 7c+ Tony Fouchereau roof, prow, sitstart
Morpheus (gauche) 6c+ Tony Fouchereau, François-Xavier Joubert roof, traverse frtl, sitstart
Saphir 8a 7c+ Maxime Baroud pillar, sitstart
Trinity 7b 7b+ Tony Fouchereau prow, slightly overhanging, sitstart
Freedom 7a 6c+ François-Xavier Joubert, Tony Fouchereau traverse frtl, slightly overhanging, sitstart
Matrix Reloaded 7a+ 7b Tony Fouchereau, Gérald Coste, Jean-Hervé Baudot overhang, dyno, sitstart
Matrix Revolution 7b+ 7c Tony Fouchereau roof, dyno, sitstart
L'Élu 7b+ 7c+ Tony Fouchereau prow, slightly overhanging, sitstart
Matrix Revolution - La Matrice 7c Tony Fouchereau slightly overhanging, traverse frtl, sitstart
Freeneo 7a+ Laurent Darlot slightly overhanging, sitstart
Morpheus 6b+ 6c Tony Fouchereau roof, sitstart
La Matrice 4+ 5 Tony Fouchereau crack, slightly overhanging, sitstart
Freedom (direct) 7a 7a+ Tony Fouchereau overhang, monos, slopers
Neo 7a Tony Fouchereau overhang, traverse fltr, sitstart
Matrix 7a 6c+ Tony Fouchereau, David Evrard, Gérald Coste slightly overhanging, dyno, mantle
Le Garçon sans la Cuillère 6b+ 6b Justin Marsan crack, slightly overhanging, sitstart
Trinity (direct) 5+ 6a Tony Fouchereau overhang, mantle, sitstart
À Plate Couture 7a+ Jamel Mahrdi belly, slopers
Le Garçon à la Cuillère 6a+ Justin Marsan crack, slightly overhanging, sitstart
La Guerre des Machines 7a+ 7a Tony Fouchereau roof, sitstart
Cypher 6b Justin Marsan crack, pockets, sitstart
L'Oracle 6c 6c+ Justin Marsan slopers, crack, sitstart
Jaspe 7b+ Maxime Baroud slightly overhanging, mantle