Rocher Cailleau    

  • Author: Gars Des Bois

This sector is the prolongation of the J.A. Martin classical area towards the East. Relatively few boulders have been opened, most of them of grade 7 on slopers. Park the car along the D63 about 700m past the parking lot of J.A. Martin and take Le Chemin de la Pente de la Garenne. For the sector of Alien, turn left at a crossing and go up the slope at a pedagogic board about the Mesolithic. Other boulders can be found on the right or near the top of the hill.

Ventricule Droit 8a Tony Fouchereau overhang, dyno, sitstart
Samothrace (retour-aller) 8a Jean-Pierre Bouvier traverse, slopers
Le Vit d'Ange 6a+ 6b Gilles Cottray slightly overhanging, sitstart, expo
Le Gland Incarné 6a 6b Gilles Cottray sitstart, wall, expo
Ventricule Gauche 8a+ 8a Tony Fouchereau overhang, dyno, sitstart
Cœur d'Alien 7c+ 8a Tony Fouchereau overhang, dyno
Malus en Falaise 6a+ 6b Gars Des Bois slightly overhanging, crack, slopers
Contre Sens 8a 8a+ Christian Roumégoux overhang, slopers, sitstart
Alien 7c Christophe Laumone overhang, slopers, sitstart
Vandale 7c Christophe Laumone overhang, slopers, sitstart
Le Bon Sens 7c Christophe Laumone overhang, sitstart
Vandale (direct) 7c+ Maxime Baroud overhang, slopers, sitstart
The Mantelist 6b Andrej Bolán mantle, slopers, sitstart
Giligili 7a Yano Salaün slab, crimps, monos
Pastaga 6b 6c David Evrard slightly overhanging, slopers, sitstart
Le Résilient 6a Luca Modoni prow, sitstart
Ninjutsu 7a David Evrard roof, slopers, sitstart
La Grande Frite 7a wall, sitstart
Moules-Frites (assis) 7a Thierry Guéguen arete, slopers, sitstart
Le Vit d'Ange (assis) 7a Gilles Cottray slightly overhanging, sitstart, expo
Samothrace 7b+ Alain Dupas traverse fltr, slopers, sitstart
Jabba the Hunt 7b Paul Quesney, Jean Marc Patreau traverse frtl, slopers, mantle
Le Sixième Sens 7b+ 7c traverse fltr, slopers, sitstart
Shamballa 7c Christophe Laumone traverse frtl
L'Écrevisse à Pattes Blanches 7b+ 7b Thierry Guéguen roof, mantle, sitstart
La Petite Frite 6b+ 6c wall, crimps, sitstart
L'Aéro Pris à Pic (assis) 7b Gilles Cottray wall, pillar, sitstart
Escape Hunt 7a Andrej Bolán traverse frtl, crimps, slopers
Samothrace (droite-gauche) 7b+ Alain Dupas, Thierry Guéguen traverse frtl, slopers
Moules-Frites 6c+ wall, underclings
Le Bon Sens (direct) 7b+ 7b overhang, slopers, sitstart
Cœur de Rêve 6c+ 7a Thierry Guéguen overhang, sitstart
Tirelipimpon 7a+ 7b Thierry Guéguen overhang, sitstart
L'Envers du Décor 6c 6c+ prow, sitstart
Le Tnuh 7a+ Laurent Darlot slightly overhanging, slopers, sitstart
La Baisée Niera 7a+ Gilles Cottray wall, slopers
Djam 6a Pascal Etienne prow
Le Plus Apte 5+ 6a Luca Modoni slightly overhanging, pinches
La Survie du Plus Apte 7a Luca Modoni traverse fltr, crimps, sitstart
La Persistance du Plus Apte 7a+ Luca Modoni traverse fltr, crimps, sitstart
Spintore 6c Luca Modoni slightly overhanging, crimps, pinches
C'est à Sept B 7a+ 7a overhang, sitstart
L'Encore du Dévers 7a 6c+ overhang, crimps, sitstart
Frontale et Parapluie 7a+ 7a Jean-Baptiste Jourjon wall, dyno
Les Cyclades 6c Pepito roof, traverse frtl, crack
Rei 6b+ overhang, dyno
L'Aéro pris à Pic 6c 6c+ Gilles Cottray wall, pillar, expo
Le Gland Incarné (assis) 7a Gilles Cottray pillar, sitstart
Clair Obscur 6b 6c David Evrard arete, sitstart
Double Sens 8b Christophe Laumone overhang, traverse, sitstart
Lombalgie 6b 6c prow
Giligili (droite) 6a+ Yano Salaün slab, crimps
C'est Pas Gagné 7b+ Jean-Baptiste Jourjon wall, sitstart
Ki 5 overhang
Stoïque (droite) 5+ Luca Modoni slightly overhanging, crimps, sitstart
Stoïque 5+ Luca Modoni slightly overhanging, crimps, sitstart
Le Bel Endormi 4 5 Luca Modoni arete, slightly overhanging, sitstart
C'est un Alien 8b Edward Feehally traverse fltr, overhang, sitstart
Ju-Jutsu 5 David Evrard slightly overhanging, sitstart
Ninpô 6b 6c David Evrard traverse fltr, overhang, sitstart