Éléphant Nord    

This small sector, also called "Rocher de la Justice", is located to the North of the classical area of L'Eléphant. From Larchant, follow the road in direction of La Dame Jouanne for 1km and park at the ONF barriers. Take the GR to go around the classical sector by the right. The boulders are on the Northern side of the hill, next to an old red circuit. Notice that the holds are often fragile.


Ancien n°25 Rouge 6b+ 6c wall
Ancien n°26 Rouge 5- wall, pockets


Big Ben 7b+ ⋅∴⋅ wall
Blague ou Net 7a+ Thierry Guéguen slightly overhanging, sitstart


C'est Pas le Verdon 7c+ Olivier Lebreton wall, slopers, crimps
Captain Cutloose 7a 6c+ Ruben Beckers wall, sitstart
Christiansen 7a+ 7b Bernard Théret wall, crack, sitstart
Coquine Blues 6c+ 7a Bernard Théret slightly overhanging


Dallotte 6b Stéphane Brette, Stéphan Denys wall
Dolmen du Possible 7c Bernard Théret traverse
Dracool 7b David Evrard prow, pockets, dyno


Emphase 6b+ slightly overhanging
Évasion 7b+ overhang, crack


Fat Teddy's Drop 7c+ 7c Vincent Pochon slightly overhanging, sitstart


Hyspoline 7c+ 8a Olivier Lebreton wall, slab


Ill Niño 8a Tony Fouchereau, Teddy Deschamps arete, slopers
Insensé 7c+ ⋅∴⋅ arete


JCVD 7b+ 7c Olivier Lebreton wall, slopers, crimps


L'Angle de Sable 6a+ wall
L'Arête à Trous 5+ wall, arete
L'Arête à Trous (assis) 6a wall, arete, sitstart
L'Écolo 7a ⋅∴⋅ wall, underclings, sitstart
La Colombe de la Paix 6a+ slightly overhanging, prow
La Colombe de la Paix (assis) 6c slightly overhanging, prow, sitstart
La Colombe de la Paix (direct) 5+ slightly overhanging, prow
La Corniche 7a+ ⋅∴⋅, Stéphan Denys, David Evrard slightly overhanging, dyno
La Dalle de la Colombe 5 wall, slab
La Directe de la Moldave 6b 6c wall, high, sitstart
La Fissure Charlie 5+ Charles Deneux crack
La Moldave 7a+ David Evrard wall, sitstart
La Plancha 6c 7a David Evrard wall
La Rimaye 7a ⋅∴⋅ slightly overhanging
La Sortie Inattendue 6b wall, slab
Le BiMono 6c+ 7a David Evrard wall, crack, bidoigts
Le Blub 7a Ruben Beckers slightly overhanging, sitstart
Le Blub (droite) 6c Ruben Beckers slightly overhanging, sitstart
Le Château de Sable 6b Hélias Millerioux, ⋅∴⋅ wall
Le Dévers de Sable 6a+ slightly overhanging, sitstart
Le Faux Écart 6a wall, slopers
Le Gros Mamelon 6a+ wall
Le Gros Mamelon (en traversée) 6b traverse fltr, wall
Le Mono Inutile 6c wall, mantle
Le Mono Utile 5 slab
Le Mur de Sable 6a wall
Le Pigeonnier 5 slightly overhanging
Le Pilier de Sable 6a wall, arete
Le Réta de Sable 6a wall, mantle
Le Sableux 6a+ wall, high
Le Téton Réfractaire 7b+ 7c Kevin Lopata, Tony Fouchereau, Teddy Deschamps slightly overhanging
Le Toit de l'Éléphant Nord 7c+ Olivier Lebreton roof, sitstart
Le Toit de l’Éléphant Nord (gauche) 6a slightly overhanging, high, toprope


Matador 7a+ arete
Mirobol 7c 7c+ Bernard Théret wall, crimps


Nature Addict 8a Charles Albert slightly overhanging, crimps
Nature Addict (assis) 8b Charles Albert overhang, crimps, sitstart
Nutty Nat 7a Jan De Smit prow, slopers, sitstart


Pop-Corn 7b Philippe Le Denmat slab, high


Retraite Permise 6b+ Pepito traverse fltr, crack


Sable d'Or 5 wall, high
Sans Papier 7c Olivier Lebreton slightly overhanging, sitstart
Sous le Sable 5- wall


Timing 7b+ 7c Thomas Collignon pillar, slopers, expo
Tostaky 8a 7c+ Olivier Lebreton pillar, high
Tostaky (assis) 8b 8a+ Olivier Lebreton pillar, high, sitstart
Tour de Garde 7a Bernard Théret wall, slab, monos
Trifouillage 6c slightly overhanging, sitstart


Un Œil dans le Dos 7a Frédéric Fargues prow, slightly overhanging, sitstart


Valachie 6c+ 7a David Evrard wall
Visage de Marbre 7b Philippe Le Denmat wall, crimps


- 6a+ slab
- 5 slab, arete