Justice de Noisy  

This sector is located in the South side of the crest above La Roche aux Sabots. A few confidential problems had been opened in the past by Olivier Penel and his friends but most the boulders have been brushed by Tony Fouchereau during the years 2018-2020.
Access: it is possible to cross the crest directly (for instance by following the path along Neurosciences), but the most convenient access with a crash-pad consists in bypassing the crest by the right from the parking lot of La Roche aux Sabots. The path leads naturally to Le Chemin de la Plaine de la Mée by passing along an equestrian centre and the first boulders are visible just before an abandoned house.


Fanny 6a+ wall
Fanny Chipie 7b+ 7b Eric Allayaud dyno, wall
Fanny Chipie (gauche) 7a+ Eric Allayaud dyno, wall


Hallelujah 8a Olivier Lebreton prow, sitstart


Le Rire d'Évelyne 7a 7a+ Pepito arete