Vallée de Prunay (Hunting area)    

  • Author: Cyril Bottollier
  • Author: Cyril Bottollier

Please behave respectfully, especially during the hunting season (Oct-Feb).

This very small and confidential area must be avoided during hunting season.
Accès : from Prunay-sur-Essonne, take the road of Le Petit Gironville and park the car near the signpost of Le Menhir de la Pierre Droite. Follow the path leading to the menhir and, 20m before it, turn left in the wood. The boulders are slightly underneath in the slope.

Pilier de la Pierre Droite (gauche) 4 Cyril Bottollier wall, arete
Pilier de la Pierre Droite (droite) 4- Cyril Bottollier wall
Pour des Prunes 6a Cyril Bottollier traverse frtl, pockets
Lili Prune 5 Cyril Bottollier wall, mantle, sitstart