Cuvier Sorcières    

  • Author: Guillaume Joubert
  • Author: Jean-Claude Valluet
  • Author: Jean-Claude Valluet

Small sector behind Cuvier Est, on a ridge parallel to the area Cuvier Rempart, about 200 m to the north of that area. A historic blue marked path leads through this area. The blue strokes are hardly visible. This path starts near the area La Reconnaissance, passes through the area Le Petit Rempart and ends in Cuvier Rempart near L’Aangle Alain.
Access: traverse the classical sector of Cuvier Est by La Route de Bellevue and continue up to the GR (about 150m). Follow the GR to the right for 100m up to square boulder on the left hand side of the path, just before a big bend to the right. The first problems of sector Proueptologue are 50m on the left up the hill. The problems of sector Caverne des Sorcières are 150m to the east from here. Take a small path to the left, 20m past the square boulder, which leads through a small valley. Turn right 50m further to find the abandoned blue path which leads to the first boulders.

Saruman (du bas) 8b Nicolas Pelorson overhang, mantle, sitstart
Saruman 8a Guillaume Joubert slightly overhanging, mantle
Le Proueptologue 8a 7c+ Guillaume Joubert, Loïc de Saint Etienne prow, slightly overhanging, sitstart
Le Sauté de Porc, c'est pas Sorcier 7c 7c+ Christophe Grelaud, Jules Nicouleau roof, dyno
Le Proueptologue (debout) 7b Guillaume Joubert, Alain Perros, Loïc de Saint Etienne prow, slightly overhanging, slopers
Le Gymnécologue 7a+ Guillaume Joubert, Alain Perros, Loïc de Saint Etienne slightly overhanging, slopers, sitstart
Tas Réta Tas 7b Guillaume Joubert roof, sitstart
L'Âpre Houx (assis) 7b Gilles Cottray pillar, dyno, sitstart
Petit Tas Petit 7b+ 7b Guillaume Joubert slightly overhanging, slopers, sitstart
Miss Tick 8a 7c+ Guillaume Joubert overhang, prow, sitstart
Baba Yaga 7a Guillaume Joubert wall, mantle, sitstart
Radagast 6b Guillaume Joubert slightly overhanging, sitstart
J'Échauf Pas 7a Jan De Smit pillar, slopers
Doboshova 7a Maxime Prodhomme dyno, expo
L'Échauf 6a+ Guillaume Joubert pillar, jump, slopers
Gandalf 6c+ Guillaume Joubert wall, underclings
La Danse des Sorcières 7b+ Guillaume Joubert traverse fltr, sitstart
Le Couloir des Sorcières 5 Guillaume Joubert traverse frtl
Dumbledore 4- Guillaume Joubert wall
Sortilège 7a+ 7b Guillaume Joubert arete, mantle
Le Gymnécologue (debout) 7a Guillaume Joubert, Alain Perros, Loïc de Saint Etienne slightly overhanging, slopers, mantle
L'Observatoire des Sorcières 7a Guillaume Joubert jump, mantle
L'Arcade des Sorcières 6c Guillaume Joubert roof, mantle
Merlin 6b Guillaume Joubert wall, mantle
Houx Là Là! 7a Gilles Cottray wall, crimps
Who's Houx? 6b 6c Gilles Cottray pillar
C'est Houx qu'on s'Assoit? 6c 7a Frédéric Buc slightly overhanging, traverse fltr, sitstart
Vers Houx? 6a+ 6b Gilles Cottray arete, sitstart
Vers Houx? (droite) 5+ 6a Gilles Cottray pillar, wall, sitstart
L'Entourloupe 6b 6b+ Gilles Cottray slightly overhanging
Hélice 7a Manuel Marquès traverse fltr, slopers, arete
De Pin à Houx 7a+ 7b Manuel Marquès traverse fltr, slopers
De Houx à Pin 7a+ 7b Manuel Marquès traverse frtl, slopers, sitstart
La Fissure des Sorcières 4- Guillaume Joubert crack, wall
Mitochondriaque 7b ⋅∴⋅ traverse fltr, crack
Mito Logique 6c ⋅∴⋅ slightly overhanging
Karaba 6a Guillaume Joubert slightly overhanging, mantle
Carabosse 4- Guillaume Joubert wall
Lady Van Tassel 4+ Guillaume Joubert wall
Asphodèle 6b Guillaume Joubert traverse frtl
Pélagie 6a Guillaume Joubert slightly overhanging
Les Sorcières de Salem 5- Guillaume Joubert slab
Befana 6a Guillaume Joubert wall, arete, expo
La Baguette Magique 6a Guillaume Joubert prow, expo
C'est Houx? 6a 6a+ Gilles Cottray slightly overhanging
L'Âpre Houx 5+ Gilles Cottray pillar
Le Scoubidou 4+ Gilles Cottray wall
La Dalle Amadou (gauche) 3+ Jean-Claude Valluet slab
Le Presse-Citron 3+ Jean-Claude Valluet slab