Futurs Barbares 7c+ 95.2

wall, crimps, dyno
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  • 7c+: 100.0%
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Climber: Bram Honorez
Climber: Jonas Winter
Confused ?! - Anonymous (29-03-2012 01:43)
there supose to be two version on this boulder, direct and the normal version. Can someone explain whats the difference?

Is the direct version without the higher sidepull for left hand? or are they both with this sidepull?

i`m confused...
futurs barbares - Anonymous (29-03-2012 11:58)
''zonder de sidepull links'' is futurs barbares(dyno met tweehanden aan de startgreep dus!)
''met de sidepull links'' is futurs barbars origanal (toch min of meer dynamisch inzetten voor de laatste pas)

veel plezier!

thx - Anonymous (29-03-2012 21:47)