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Smoking in the forest is strictly forbidden between April 1st and October 31st.
From April 15 to June 30, it is obligatory to keep dogs on a leash outside large forest paths.

There is a new rule in the forest; a parking ban in all car parks from 22:00 to 06:00. Wild camping and sleeping in a campervan have always been prohibited in the forest and on forest car parks, but because many did not adhere to this ban, measures have now been taken. Fines for wild camping are up to €1500. Please respect the rules to avoid nuisance and possibly even stricter rules.

Please let the rock dry thoroughly after the rain because wet sandstone is very fragile. The rock may be saturated with water and many holds have already broken due to premature loading of weakened holds. We invite everybody to read our ethics page.

If you like, you might be happy to contribute by sharing information, a photo or a video. Please read our sponsoring page. Check the new problems page if you think you have opened a new problem (or indicate a problem missing from the database).

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