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The containment measures decided on March 16 are essential and urgent for everyone's health. Climbing is now strictly forbidden in Fontainebleau, as are any other sport activities. The team urges you: stay at home and


Scrupulously respect all the recommendations in your daily life.To avoid unnecessary temptation, we have disabled the features "People" and "Ascents" on the home page (logged in users)
Good luck and above all good health to all!

At the moment, the continuously updated database of provides information about 30.000 boulder problems in 254 areas in Fontainebleau. An interactive map shows the location of these areas. The basic and advanced search help you to find the problems you are looking for. If you are new here (or if you haven't created an account yet), please read the about page to learn what's on offer. We invite everybody to read the ethics page. Respect the forest. Leave no traces.

If you like, you might be happy to contribute by sharing information, a photo or a video.

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