I think I opened a new boulder, how do I get the new boulder published on Bleau.info?

Everything is explained on the New Problems page. As we do not know everything by heart, please check that your problem is not already in the database (maybe with a grade very different from the one you imagine) before sending us an opening proposal.

How do I submit photos and images for boulders?

Read the Contribute page carefully and in particular the paragraphs about the size of attachments and the ethics of first ascents.

How do I register or modify my repetitions?

Each ascent can be saved in 'public', 'profile' or 'private' mode by choosing the 'My Ascents' section. You can add notes if (for example) you want to remember which method you used. All this information can of course be modified or deleted later by editing this section. There is also a way to make all your ascents public or private at the bottom of your personal Ascents page.

How do I change what I see in 'My updates'?

These settings can be found on your personal page in your Preferences.

Where do I enter my body-height and span?

You can enter your measurements on the personal page of your Account.

Climber: Loïc Le Denmat Copyright: Stéphan Denys