Boissy Le Goulot (Hunting area)    

  • Author: Gars Des Bois
  • Author: Gars Des Bois

No climbing during hunting season: from mid-September until March.

This small sector on private property is to the West of Boissy-aux-Cailles, in western part of the forest called Les Buttes on the IGN map. Please be discreet and respectful and refrain from climbing during the hunting season.


Into the Wild 7b+ Alain Dupas roof, sitstart
Ségovia 7b+ 7b Alain Dupas traverse fltr


La Dormeuse 7b 7b+ Alain Dupas traverse fltr
La Souricière 7b Alain Dupas traverse frtl, expo
Néologisme (assis) 7b 7b+ Carina, Laurent Darlot wall, crimps, sitstart


Flying Lotus 7a+ Philippe Dumez, Alain Dupas overhang, crack
One Thing 7a+ Alain Dupas overhang, sitstart


Clé de Sol 7a Justin Roupillon traverse fltr, crimps
La Chamoniarde 7a Philippe Dumez overhang, crack
La Morille 7a 6c+ Philippe Dumez pillar
Le Coup de Knee-Bar 7a Alain Dupas wall, sitstart
Le Morillon (assis) 7a 6c+ wall, sitstart
Les Fiz 7a Laurent Darlot wall, crack
Néologisme (assis gauche) 7a David Evrard wall, crimps, sitstart


Crack Hot (direct) 6c+ Frédéric Buc slightly overhanging, sitstart, wall
Flying Lotus (raccourci) 6c+ 7a Philippe Dumez slightly overhanging, crack
Le Morillon 6c+ 7a wall
One Thing (droite) 6c+ Alain Dupas overhang, sitstart


Crack Hot 6c Frédéric Buc slightly overhanging, crack, sitstart
La Galérienne 6c Alain Dupas traverse fltr, slopers
Néologisme 6c wall


Andrès 6b+ Alain Dupas overhang, crack


Archaïsme (assis) 6a+ Gars Des Bois arete, sitstart
Big Step 6a+ Pierre Nicolaï wall
La Suite 6a+ Alain Dupas traverse fltr
Merci Alain 6a+ Pierre Nicolaï pillar


Le Début 6a Alain Dupas wall, sitstart
No More 6a Alain Dupas, Pierre Nicolaï roof, crack, sitstart


L'Empaleur 5+ Philippe Dumez wall, high


Archaïsme 5 Gars Des Bois arete
La Craterelle 5 Gars Des Bois arete
Le Laccaire 5 Gars Des Bois wall


La Coulemelle 4 Gars Des Bois slab
La Pleurote 4 Gars Des Bois pillar, arete
Le Lactaire 4 Gars Des Bois wall
Sweat Lady 4 Gars Des Bois slab