Cérébral Park 6b Mont Aigu

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On each area - Anonymous (25-04-2013 18:04)
you can found different circuits using coloured arrows.
the yellow ones are the easiest, then orange, blue an red.
So try different colors to know your level.
I think the most popular site is "roche aux sabots" in "trois pignon Ouest",
You can found all about these circuits here in this website.

easy boulders - hanne åmli (25-04-2013 16:36)
Where is the area for New beginners, I have never been to Fountainbleu.
Yes - haliagoj (25-04-2013 19:56)
Of course, go to "la roche aux sabots", as good for beginners and for top climbers.
All the visitors are welcome in this area, dont look for anything else, it's simply the best and you can stay there one week before boaring.