Ballancourt Mont du Saussay    

There are two circuits drawn in 2021: a white for children of 20 numbers and a green F+ of 24 numbers. Site accessible from rue Varache in Ballancourt sur Essonne. The circuits are 100 meters from the car park of the Château du Saussay (l'allée de la Comtesse Guillemette de Bourbon Busset). But it is better to free up this space during the week to leave this turnaround area to the coaches which drop off school classes in particular. The easiest way is to reach the village hall on rue Varache, take the path due west to the Sentier de la Justice, then a path due south to the Allée du Château.


Appui Long, Ballant Court 6c Cyril Bottollier sitstart, slightly overhanging