Les Béorlots Nord (Integral biological reserve)    

The Integral biological reserves are protected natural areas without human intervention. Numerous dead trees make the place dangerous. Do not enter or be subject to a fine. »

This sector gathers isolated bouders like Double Face, to the North-West of the classical area. Those can be found on the northern side of Route du Furet by following La Route d'Achères à Arbonne.
Caution: most of the boulders being located in a biological protected zone, you should be particularly respectful and leave no trace.

Double Face 8b Jacky Godoffe roof
Kaiju 8a Olivier Lebreton slightly overhanging, dyno, sitstart
Test de Pression (assis) 7a+ Theo Konstantakopoulos overhang, slopers, sitstart
Aplanisphère 7a+ 7b Gars Des Bois, Justin Roupillon traverse frtl, slopers, sitstart
Alternative 7a+ Manuel Marquès traverse fltr, roof, sitstart
Simple Face 6b roof, mantle
Pacific Rim 7c+ Olivier Lebreton traverse fltr, slightly overhanging, sitstart
L'Amortisseur 6a Theo Konstantakopoulos wall, pockets
Break Even 4+ Nina Schimmel slab, crimps
Sans Retour 5+ 6a Theo Konstantakopoulos overhang, mantle
Les Sphères 6b+ 6c Gars Des Bois traverse fltr, slopers, mantle
Jaeger 7a David Evrard, Olivier Lebreton overhang, arete, sitstart
La Bouteille à la Mer 6b Nina Schimmel roof
Test de Pression 7a 6c+ Theo Konstantakopoulos overhang
Aplanissage (retour) 7a 7a+ Justin Roupillon, Gars Des Bois traverse frtl, slopers
Alternatif 7a 7a+ Gars Des Bois traverse fltr, traverse frtl, roof
Aplanissage 7a Justin Roupillon, Gars Des Bois traverse fltr, slopers, sitstart
La Petite Alternative 6c 6c+ Theo Konstantakopoulos roof, sitstart
Ape Factor 7a Theo Konstantakopoulos traverse fltr, crimps, mantle
Chimpanzodrome 7a+ Theo Konstantakopoulos traverse frtl, roof
Le Frigo Gris (assis) 7a Theo Konstantakopoulos prow, slopers, sitstart
Hole in One 7a+ 7b Theo Konstantakopoulos prow, arete
Cherno Alpha 7a 7a+ David Evrard, Olivier Lebreton traverse frtl, slightly overhanging, pockets
Le Frigo Gris 6c Theo Konstantakopoulos prow, slopers
Alternatif (direct) 7b Laurent Darlot, Christian Merimeche roof, dihedral, sitstart
Spartan 117 7a overhang, slopers, sitstart
Gipsy Danger 6c 7a David Evrard slightly overhanging, slopers, sitstart
Aplanissage (aller-retour) 7a+ 7b Justin Roupillon traverse fltr, traverse frtl, slopers
Aplanissage (retour-aller) 7a+ Justin Roupillon traverse frtl, traverse fltr, slopers
Cortana 6c Olivier Joanon overhang, sitstart
343 Guilty Spark 6b Olivier Joanon slightly overhanging, sitstart
Hase to Bi 6a Jérémy Lecouvert, Olivier Joanon overhang, bidoigts, sitstart
Hase to Bi (droite) 6b Jérémy Lecouvert, Olivier Joanon overhang, bidoigts, sitstart
Striker Eurêka 6a 6b Olivier Lebreton slightly overhanging, slopers, pockets
Piller Palle 5- Theo Konstantakopoulos pillar
Piège à Sanglier 6a Theo Konstantakopoulos arete, traverse frtl
Le Mur Perdu 6b+ Vito Grat' wall, crimps
Jumpy 5+ 6a Gars Des Bois prow, dyno, mantle