Blomont les Roches    

This small sector is located to the West of the classical area of L'Éléphant, underneath the plateau, next to the road from La Chapelle-la-Reine à Larchant (D16). The easiest access consists in parking along this road, 300m before the quarry of Mont-Blanc and to go down for 150m up to finding the blue path of Le Tour du Golfe de Larchant; the boulders are in the slope above that one.


Court Métrage 7a+ 7a Christophe Laumone wall, dyno
Court Métrage (assis) 7c+ Christophe Laumone wall, crimps, sitstart


L'Arête de Blomont 7a+ Yano Salaün arete, slightly overhanging
Le Bayou 7a 7a+ Yann Leboulanger slightly overhanging, mantle, sitstart
Le Grand Jeu 7a+ Yano Salaün slightly overhanging, dyno, sitstart
Le Passage Secret 7b+ Yano Salaün arete, slightly overhanging, sitstart


- 6b wall, mantle
- 4- crack