Tumeur d'Amour (assis) 7a 6c+ Rocher de Bouligny

overhang, sitstart
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  • 03-06-2020: Carina
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Low sit start - Anonymous (25-11-2009 17:47)
This problem is also possible with a low sit start underneath the roof without the pedestal.

Left hand sidepull just above lip of roof (just to the left and above Jean-Pierre's head in the first picture), right hand undercling just below lip of roof (the same Jean-Pierre has with his left hand), heel hook left (one metre left of Jean-Pierre's left ear) and right toe for balance in the roof just below lip. The first (right hand to a bad sidepull above his head) and second move (left hand to a pocket in the crack) are off balance, technical and powerfull. 7a/7a+?