L'Étalon Sauvage 7a+ Apremont Brûlis

David Evrard, Stéphan Denys
slightly overhanging

Start with the ledge and exit to the left with the small crack.
Acces: Take Chemin de Bornage next to the walls of the houses and turn left onto the blue marked path. This path crosses Route des Gorges d'Apremont and passes by an elephant shaped rock. Keep following the blue marked path untill a right turn, just before it leads uphill. Take the path to the left here, for 50m and turn left onto a small track. The boulder is about 50m uphill from here.

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  • 7a+: 50.0%
  • 7b: 25.0%
  • 7b+: 25.0%
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Starts at 03:26
Climber: Manuel Marquès