Big Bang 8a+ Buthiers Canard

overhang, sitstart
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Climber: Christophe Laumone Copyright: Stéphan Denys
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Climber: Oriane Bertone
good effort - Anonymous (01-04-2009 00:47)
Nice one lucas on this ascent, it was dry then, we have been waiting for 2 years for this to dry out :)
... - Anonymous (06-04-2009 18:28)
We were there yesterday, it was still wet. What is the method you used, Lucas, do you skip the left hand Jacky has on the picture ?
Infos - Mc Gyver (07-04-2009 16:19)
You can find some infos on this subject on Ty Landman's blog, he repeated it a few days befors Lucas and he describes his method.