Spread your Wings (assis) 6c 6b+ Canche aux Merciers

dyno, sitstart
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Version with the small edge left hand
were - Anonymous (28-09-2010 19:13)
Hi there, I repeated this today but was a little unsure of were you jump from and were too, I did it 4 different ways jumping to different holds one at the very top and one to the right,

Can you explain which holds you jumped from and were did you finish

All my varations felt around 6a to 6c and one that was very hard

More elaborate description - Anonymous (22-10-2010 19:30)

I started sitting down on two positive edges just ~2m right of orange 26. I jumped immediately from these edges straight up. As it is a dyno, I found it hard to estimate the difficulty ... .

I have it on video, maybe I can get it added to the site (or send it to you).

Kind regards,
Rigolade! - thon (22-10-2010 21:15)
De plus en plus drôle ce site! Pas de pq, mais quelle m...!
Hi Ton - Anonymous (22-10-2010 21:57)
A video would be nice, i started from the same holds, and did it 4 different ways, a vid from you would be great to make sure I jumped the right way.

Its a nice dyno anyway and a very good find

my email is neil@maisonbleau.com if you want to send me it
video - Anonymous (22-10-2010 22:33)
I've send the video to Adwin for bleau.info and you can find it on: http://vimeo.com/16098628