Gros Sablons Nord    

This sector gathers the problems of the orange circuit n°2 and isolated boulders (mainly traverses) on the North hill of Gros Sablons.
From the parking lot of La Croix Saint-Jérôme, follow Le Chemin de la Vallée Close fo 1km up to a sandy area (with the 95.2 on your right and the monument on your left). Follow Le Chemin des Cassis for 100m to find the start of the orange circuit n°2. The most interesting traverses can also be found 100m further, near the intersection with the 25 Bosses path (Tour des Trois Pignons).


L'Enfer des Zombies 7c+ Christophe Laumone roof, slopers, sitstart


Anachorète 7c Jean-Pierre Bouvier roof, crack, sitstart


Le Conseil des Saltimbanques 7b+ Grégoire Thibault slightly overhanging, mantle, sitstart
Obsidienne (assis) 7b+ Yano Salaün pillar, crimps, sitstart


Fille ou Garçon 7b Eric Allayaud traverse fltr
Obsidienne 7b 7b+ Yano Salaün pillar, crimps


Balade pour Manon 7a+ Eric Allayaud traverse fltr, pockets
La Vipère 7a+ traverse frtl, arete, sitstart
Le Butapapa 7a+ 7b Hugo Cottray overhang, slopers, sitstart
Les Héros du Tessin 7a+ Giuliano Cameroni, Grégoire Thibault mantle, slopers, sitstart
Nymphe des Bois 7a+ 7a Bart van Raaij dyno, slopers, arete
Ultime Esquisse 7a+ Eric Allayaud traverse frtl


Au Grès du Vent 7a Eric Allayaud traverse frtl
Au Grès du Vent (retour) 7a Eric Allayaud traverse fltr
Haut et Court 7a 7a+ Eric Allayaud traverse frtl
Y But Profane 7a Gilles Cottray, Frédéric Buc, Hugo Cottray belly, slopers, sitstart


Cascades Blues 6c Pepito traverse fltr, sitstart
Je t'Attends 6c Pascal Etienne wall, crimps, sitstart
La Balade de la Vipère 6c traverse fltr, arete
Le Petit Monde 6c Eric Allayaud traverse fltr, overhang
Sensuelle et Sans Suite 6c Eric Allayaud traverse fltr


Cassis Clay 6b+ 6c traverse fltr, wall, crimps
Guet-Apens 6b+ Eric Allayaud traverse frtl


Être ou Paraître 6b Eric Allayaud traverse fltr
Le Bel Inconnu 6b wall


Doliprane 6a+ prow, slightly overhanging, sitstart
Le Mur des Cassis 6a+ Bart van Raaij wall, crimps
Tricot Stérile 6a+ Eric Allayaud traverse frtl, slightly overhanging, sitstart


Impatience 6a Pascal Etienne belly, underclings
L'Océane 6a Eric Allayaud traverse fltr, overhang
Les Orbites 6a slightly overhanging, bidoigts, sitstart


Canyon (assis) 5+ crack, sitstart


Canyon 5 Yano Salaün crack
Fraise-Cassis 5 wall, crimps




- [Orange AD n°20] 4- dihedral
- [Orange AD n°22 bis] 4- traverse frtl
- [Orange AD n°38] 4- slightly overhanging



- [Orange AD n°2] 3 traverse frtl
- [Orange AD n°10] 3 traverse frtl, slab
- [Orange AD n°19] 3 slab, arete
- [Orange AD n°24] 3 slab, wall
- [Orange AD n°39] 3 crack, wall


- [Orange AD n°4] 3- pillar
- [Orange AD n°25] 3- wall, chimney


- [Orange AD n°8] 2+ wall, prow
- [Orange AD n°22] 2+ traverse frtl, wall
- [Orange AD n°27] 2+ chimney


- [Orange AD n°40] 2 slightly overhanging