Gorge aux Châts Est    

It is simply the East part of the Gorge aux Châts area. Most of the problems are located behind the crest (and long-drying) though other interesting ones are on its South-West face.
Caution: due to the houses, it is very important to park the car near the barrier (and not in front of the houses) and to access to the boulders by climbing up the crest from the classical sector.
Caution (October 2020): the usual parking lot is now strictly forbidden and motorists are regularly fined...


Fat Bastard 8b Maxime Baroud roof, prow, sitstart


Ascendência 8a 8a+ Thierry Guéguen traverse fltr


Abruti! 7c+ Manuel Marquès pillar, arete, roof


L'Arquéphémère 7c Christian Roumégoux sitstart, overhang, wall
Rififi 7c 7b+ Maxime Baroud slightly overhanging, slopers, expo


À l'Abri des Servants 7b+ Manuel Marquès dihedral, slightly overhanging, pillar
Tribulation (rallongé) 7b+ 7c Manuel Marquès traverse fltr, pillar, roof


Arque-Toi 7b Manuel Marquès roof, arete, crimps
Bonus Malus 7b Manuel Marquès roof, wall, crimps
La Cachette 7b GJou prow, expo
La Cigale (assis du sol) 7b Pepito, Sébastien Frigault prow, expo, sitstart
Le Malfaisant 7b Manuel Marquès traverse fltr, slopers, sitstart
Shaolin 7b 7b+ Ludovic Lefebvre roof
Skinny Bastard 7b 7b+ Fabien Chavanneau roof, sitstart
Tribulation 7b Manuel Marquès pillar, roof


Cap au Pire 7a+ Manuel Marquès wall, arete
Dérision 7a+ 7a Clément Merimeche arete, sitstart
Je n'ai Jamais Pleuré 7a+ Manuel Marquès pillar, high, sitstart
L'Étoile Filante (prolongé) 7a+ K.C. Still-Lloyd traverse fltr, crimps
Les Paires Dodues 7a+ Thierry Guéguen, Marco Dunand traverse fltr, slopers
On Tousse Tous 7a+ Jean-Baptiste Jourjon prow, sitstart
Quelques Gouttes Suffisent 7a+ Fred slightly overhanging, slopers, sitstart
Rien 7a+ Laurent Darlot traverse fltr, slopers, sitstart
Shaolin (droite) 7a+ Manuel Marquès roof, pillar
Wo Ping Shaolin 7a+ Thierry Guéguen roof


Arcenic 7a Pepito slightly overhanging, bidoigts
Arcenic (assis) 7a 7a+ David Evrard slightly overhanging, bidoigts, sitstart
La Cigale (assis) 7a Pepito, Sébastien Frigault prow, expo, sitstart
La Course aux Étoiles (prolongé) 7a Pepito, Blokeur, - traverse frtl, crimps
La Voix des Justes 7a Tony Fouchereau prow, sitstart
Sans Toit 7a Manuel Marquès roof, sitstart


Vétille 6c+ 7a Laurent Darlot, Lionel Demenais prow


Filament 6c 6b Romain Grassin arete, crimps, expo
La Course aux Étoiles 6c Pepito, Blokeur, - traverse frtl, crimps
Mûre Mur 6c Manuel Marquès wall


Dérisoire 6b+ Christian Merimeche, Laurent Darlot wall, sitstart
L’Étoile Filante 6b+ Pepito, Blokeur, - traverse fltr, mantle


La Cigale 6b Pepito, Sébastien Frigault pillar
La Voix des Justes (droite) 6b 6a Tony Fouchereau
Le Firmament 6b Gars Des Bois pillar


Fosse Dalle 6a Pepito, Blokeur, - crack


La Petite Ourse 5 C. Larprise, Gars Des Bois wall, slab