Gorge à Véron (Biological reserve)    

Avoid leaving the paths and keep your dog on a leash from April to July.

From Paris, take the bypass of Milly-la-Forêt and turn left at "La Croix St-Antoine" before the traffic lights. Follow the non-asphalted road for 1km to the parking lot of La Gorge à Véron. Take the Chemin de la Gorge à Véron; after several bends, follow a small valley to a sort of pass at the top of the hill. The boulders can be found 50m to the left and 100m to the right of it.


La Règle de Trop 8a Nicolas Pelorson wall, crimps


Confiance Conjuguale 7c+ 7c GJou roof, expo
Lilas des Indes 7c+ GJou roof, sitstart


Coup de Foudre (du fond) 7b+ roof, dyno, sitstart
Le Joyau 7b+ Olivier Lebreton overhang, expo
Terre de Feu (direct) 7b+ Régis Allayaud overhang, expo, pockets


Coup de Foudre 7b Alexis Allayaud, Régis Allayaud roof, sitstart
Terre de Feu 7b Régis Allayaud overhang, expo, pockets


Agni 7a+ Régis Allayaud wall, crimps
Hephaistos 7a+ Régis Allayaud sitstart, roof
Le Souffle du Dragon 7a+ Régis Allayaud traverse fltr


Beautiful Thing 7a Régis Allayaud slightly overhanging, expo
Ébats 7a Stéphan Denys slightly overhanging, pockets, expo
Ébats (assis) 7a 7a+ Alexis Allayaud, Régis Allayaud slightly overhanging, pockets, expo
L'Échelon 7a 6c David Evrard slightly overhanging, sitstart, expo
Vulcano 7a Régis Allayaud roof, sitstart
Zig-Zag Napalm 7a 7a+ Alexis Allayaud, Régis Allayaud roof, sitstart


Agni (sans convention) 6b Régis Allayaud wall, arete, crimps
Pyromane 6b slightly overhanging, sitstart


Cap'taine Flam 6a 6a+ dyno
Chili Peppers 6a traverse frtl
La Courte Échelle 6a 6b David Evrard slightly overhanging, sitstart
Red Hot 6a slightly overhanging