Gorge à Véron (Biological reserve)    

Avoid leaving the paths and keep your dog on a leash from April to July.

From Paris, take the bypass of Milly-la-Forêt and turn left at "La Croix St-Antoine" before the traffic lights. Follow the non-asphalted road for 1km to the parking lot of La Gorge à Véron. Take the Chemin de la Gorge à Véron; after several bends, follow a small valley to a sort of pass at the top of the hill. The boulders can be found 50m to the left and 100m to the right of it.


Confiance Conjuguale 7c+ 7c GJou roof, expo
Lilas des Indes 7c+ GJou roof, sitstart


Coup de Foudre (du fond) 7b+ roof, dyno, sitstart
Le Joyau 7b+ Olivier Lebreton overhang, expo
Terre de Feu (direct) 7b+ Régis Allayaud overhang, expo, pockets


Coup de Foudre 7b Alexis Allayaud, Régis Allayaud roof, sitstart
Terre de Feu 7b Régis Allayaud overhang, expo, pockets


Agni 7a+ Régis Allayaud wall, crimps
Hephaistos 7a+ Régis Allayaud sitstart, roof
Le Souffle du Dragon 7a+ Régis Allayaud traverse fltr


Beautiful Thing 7a Régis Allayaud slightly overhanging, expo
Ébats 7a Stéphan Denys slightly overhanging, pockets, expo
Ébats (assis) 7a 7a+ Alexis Allayaud, Régis Allayaud slightly overhanging, pockets, expo
L'Échelon 7a 6c David Evrard slightly overhanging, sitstart, expo
Vulcano 7a Régis Allayaud roof, sitstart
Zig-Zag Napalm 7a 7a+ Alexis Allayaud, Régis Allayaud roof, sitstart


Agni (sans convention) 6b Régis Allayaud wall, arete, crimps
Pyromane 6b slightly overhanging, sitstart


Cap'taine Flam 6a 6a+ dyno
Chili Peppers 6a traverse frtl
La Courte Échelle 6a 6b David Evrard slightly overhanging, sitstart
Red Hot 6a slightly overhanging