Accidental Tourist 7a 7a+ Cuisinière Crête Sud

slightly overhanging
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Is this the big hole? - Anonymous (30-09-2004 13:40)
Is this the boulder that goes like this: start by jumping to the big hole, then crawl into the hole and exit by delicately pushing to the top? I can't see any other boulder on this wall, though it might be possible to climb the crumbling grats and lichened slopers just to the left of the hole. But that would be a waste of time. The version I described is by no meens 7a+, more like 6c. The boulder is hard to grade though as it features strange moves and it might also be a bit morpho. If you venture here, also try the RtoL rising traverse (sitstart far right) on the sloping edge of the boulder that forms the lefthand side (western) of the couloir. Is fun, its beautiful and it features some lovely and solid jams which are quite rare in Fb.