Coup Atomique 8a 8a+ Cuisinière

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Climber: yann levesque
photo ici - leprutou (22-04-2013 16:53)
Information - Anonymous (22-04-2013 02:31)

We tried briefly this dyno today, but we weren't sure about the starting holds. The two more obvious starts in our opinion seem to be either :
- jugs of white 21 (and dyno slightly right of the end of this one)
- jugs between white 21 and Haute tension (sometimes used as footholds in Haute tension), and dyno directly to the top (above the left hand hold of Haute tension).

Does anyone (maybe Bartosz if you read this) have any information on this boulder's conventions ?

Thanks for the help.
Nicolas G
OK - Anonymous (22-04-2013 23:22)
Seems to be between white 21 and Haute Tension according to the pic.

Thanks for the link.
Nicolas G