Ycar 7c 7c+ Rocher des Demoiselles

Emmanuel Gand
slightly overhanging, dyno, sitstart

To the right of Les Larmes and n°27 orange, on the backside of the boulder with the letters "I" and "J". Sitstart in the overhang as for L'Embrassade assis and La Dryade assis, take the jug with two hands and exit directly by a big dyno on a crimp (morpho).

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Yellow line on the photo
Climber: Ritoon's
Climber: Cyrille Duval
ycar - Anonymous (05-12-2009 20:58)
You start as in dryad, you take the big grip(taking) in 2 hands and you throw(cast) on a slide right hand, has my opinion(notice) more it is harder than meeting(appointment) good rock-climbing.
line - Anonymous (04-12-2009 19:30)
does this exit direct? to the right of the prow?