Rocher des Demoiselles Est    

This sector is constituted of the boulders in the East part of Le Rocher des Demoiselles. The access is simple from Le Carrefour de la Beauté, at the crossing of N7 and D63E2 since it suffices in general to follow the blue path. This one can be followed up to the blue circuit and the end of the orange circuit of Rocher des Demoiselles.


Les Grimpeurs de l'Ombre 8a+ Arnaud Ceintre traverse frtl
Patatas Bravas 8a+ Arnaud Ceintre traverse, loop


Malopoulix 7c+ Marc Lehner roof, crimps, dyno
Nuits Zébrées 7c+ Vincent Pochon roof


Estasi Dell'Oro (assis) 7c David Evrard, Aurélien Sassier prow, arete, sitstart
Hybris (droite) 7c Vincent Pochon wall
Hybris (gauche) 7c wall


Hybris 7b+ Vincent Pochon wall
Pique de Rappel 7b+ Manuel Marquès overhang, sitstart
Sporto Kantes 7b+ Vincent Pochon prow, sitstart
Via Culicidæ (droite) 7b+ 7b Pascal Gagneux, Tony Fouchereau slightly overhanging, crimps, dyno


Estasi Dell'Oro 7b David Evrard, Aurélien Sassier prow, arete
La Beauté du Zeste (assis) 7b 7a+ Pascal Gagneux, Tony Fouchereau slightly overhanging, wall, sitstart
Le Retour du Bonobo 7b Vincent Pochon roof, sitstart
Via Culicidæ 7b 7b+ David Evrard roof, prow, sitstart


Chenille Affamée (gauche) 7a+ overhang, traverse frtl, sitstart
La Loi du Talion 7a+ slightly overhanging, mantle
Mes Crapauds (assis) 7a+ Laurent Darlot overhang, mantle, sitstart


A.L.F. 7a David Evrard wall, slopers
Atmosphère 7a Vincent Pochon overhang, sitstart
Chenille Affamée 7a overhang, sitstart
La Beauté du Zeste 7a 7a+ Thierry Vasseur, Tony Fouchereau slightly overhanging, wall, traverse fltr
Le Zboub 7a David Evrard arete, slopers, sitstart
Mes Crapauds 7a Laurent Darlot overhang, mantle, slopers


Malopoulix (gauche) 6c+ Marc Lehner roof, crimps, dyno


Le Chat 6c David Evrard pillar, slopers, sitstart
- 6c Vincent Pochon overhang


Cocosuma 6b 6c Vincent Pochon slab
La Musaraigne 6b David Evrard traverse fltr, sitstart


Le Chat (debout) 6a 6b David Evrard pillar, slopers, crimps
- 6a slightly overhanging, sitstart


Ochmonek 4+ 5- David Evrard, Olivier Lebreton wall, arete, slopers