Roche au Diable    

  • Author: Bart van Raaij

From Larchant, follow the road in direction of La Dame Jouanne for 1km and park in the Éléphant car park. Walk back in the direction of Larchant. About 200m before the cemetary take a path in the slope, leading to a cave (La Grotte de l'Ermite; the former dwelling of a tramp called "Dédé Martin"). Only one huge boulder (and the ledge of the plateau) can be found in this small sector. A dozen of problems have been opened, half of them being traverses starting from the right of the boulder and exiting more or less quickly according to their difficulty.

Le Cimetière des Éléphants 8a Francis Hélias traverse frtl, overhang
Jardiland 7b Steve Demet wall, pockets, high
Capetown 6b+ overhang, sitstart
Kilimandjaro 7c Francis Hélias traverse frtl, overhang
Bushman 7b Francis Hélias overhang, sitstart
Chanvre Indien / Township 7a Francis Hélias overhang, sitstart
Nuage de Pluie 7a overhang, sitstart
Zoulou Land 7b Francis Hélias traverse frtl
African Dream 7a Francis Hélias traverse frtl
Australian Traverse 7a Francis Hélias traverse fltr
Non à l'Extrême Droite 7a Manuel Marquès arete, high
Cumulus Nimbus 7b+ overhang, sitstart
Bataille Aérienne 7a traverse fltr, overhang, sitstart
Le Mur du Diable 4 yann kispredilov wall, pockets, high
La Diabolique 4+ yann kispredilov wall, pockets, expo
Non à l'Exrême Droite (en traversée) 7b+ 7c Manuel Marquès traverse fltr, slightly overhanging