Opération Plats du Désert 8a 7c+ Rocher Saint-Germain Est

Manuel Marquès
dyno, mantle, expo

On the boulder of yellow n°26. Double dyno to a sloper and mantle (blue line in picture). The original problem starts with a low traverse from the left (blue line in the photo), 8a+ with the traverse.

  • Average rating
  • 4.4 Stars
  • (23 total)
  • Given grades
  • 7c: 4.0%
  • 7c+: 32.0%
  • 8a: 60.0%
  • 8a+: 4.0%
  • (25 total)
Blue line on the photo
Author: Manuel Marquès
Climber: Ritoon's
Climber: Jérémy Bonder
Climber: Maxime Prodhomme Author: Renan Viguié