Climbers and rock carvings; respect please

Many climbers, foreigners or not, have heard of the rock carvings in the the Fontainebleau massif which are part of the Ile-de-France heritage; little know their aspects and their subjects. Very few figurative elements (human, animal, tool shapes, etc.) but many various "abstract" features (see photo 1 of a panel of carvings), which sometimes resemble natural sandstone structures (photo 2).

These engravings, which have notable historical and artistic interest, must be respected if only to allow their study. They are very often made on poorly cemented sandstone, therefore fragile, and climbing on them moderately accentuates their natural erosion (wind and sand, water runoff, vegetation). This is by breaking parts of the rock or changing it by the erosive contact of the soles or fingers or even by the simple sliding of a crash pad on the rock when moving from one problem to another.

Consequently, you must absolutely avoid climbing problems that cause you to touch them or, worse, to use them as a hold (top right of photo 1).
Thank you in advance for respecting them.

Le Cosiroc: committee for the defense of climbing sites and rocks.
Le GERSAR: group for the study, research and preservation of rock art.
Photo 1
Photo 2