slightly overhanging, crimps, sitstart
Author: David Evrard
method - Anonymous (30-06-2009 19:06)
I did this problem today, but found it completly desperate for 6b, but I did not use the arete

anyone shed any light?
A Method - Evrard.d (30-06-2009 19:55)
You start with the crimps like manimal. A little dyno to take a pinch right hand (near the crack).
Another little dyno to take the big hole with your left hand. After that, you must take the big hole to the left with your right hand. And You put your right foot (en pointe) in the hole. so you can take a big crimp to the left with your right hand.
And it\'s finished, just a little \"reta\" like Manimal.

So specials and funny moves..

ah - Anonymous (30-06-2009 20:20)
so thats why i found it hard, I pulled on the crimps of manimal and dynod dirct to the big hole no arete

that was hard