Restant du Long Rocher Est  

This sector is constituted of a sole boulder for the moment (September 2016).
Access: from the parking lot of La Plaine Verte, take La Route de la Mort to the South-East towards Le Calice, then La Route de la Grande Vallée to the East. 50m before the crossing with La Route de Fontainebleau à Montigny, follow a small path down the slope to the North-West for 100m up to the boulder.

Phalanx 7a+ David Evrard prow, bidoigts, sitstart
2D 7a David Evrard roof, sitstart
Pixel Art 6b 6c David Evrard roof, sitstart
La Ligne de la Main 7b David Evrard traverse frtl, prow, bidoigts
Ni Clou, ni Vis 6c Michel Grillère roof, crack, sitstart