On an isolated boulder 100m to the West of Fata Morgana.
Access: follow Le Chemin des Longs Vaux for 100m past the sector of Les Assis and take the first path on the right up the slope in a small valley. The boulder is near the top of that one, above a decorated stone.

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Climber: Julien Nadiras Copyright: Stéphan Denys
Starts at 01:37
Climber: David Mason
No it's 7c+ - (26-10-2006 19:20)
start? - Anonymous (26-10-2006 15:58)
is it a jumpstart or .......,,?
yehyeh - Anonymous (29-10-2006 21:27)
thats what i already new!the question is how this beuatiful problem exactly starts,and not useless stupid answer.