Maisse le Patouillat    

  • Author: Gars Des Bois

From Milly-la-Forêt, follow the D837 up to Maisse. In the center of the village, take the D449 in direction of Malesherbes and park 300m further on the left at the bends of the road. The circuits and the other problems are on the other side of the road.


L'Angle Imparfait 7a 7a+ Cyril Bottollier arete


La Grande Patouille (sans le socle) 6c+ Léo Magrez arete, wall


Angus 6c Cyril Bottollier arete
Maisse Noire (gauche) 6c overhang, wall, sitstart


Chrissharmate Toi! 6b+ pillar, overhang, sitstart
Maisse Noire 6b+ Cyril Bottollier traverse fltr, sitstart
Tibet Libre (rallongé) 6b+ traverse fltr, wall, sitstart


Duty Free 6b Cyril Bottollier arete
Embarquement Immédiat 6b Cyril Bottollier wall, mantle
Lèvre Intense 6b traverse fltr, slopers, sitstart
- 6b overhang, slopers, sitstart
- 6b overhang, monos, sitstart


La Grande Patouille 6a+ 6a arete, wall
Le Mur à Louise 6a+ wall, slopers
Lychen-Entropie 6a+ 6a arete
Tibet Libre 6a+ wall, sitstart


Delphinus 6a traverse fltr, pockets, sitstart
La Proue 6a Cyril Bottollier prow, overhang
La Traversée du Portique 6a 6a+ traverse fltr
Maisse Noire (direct) 6a overhang, sitstart
Perle de Puissance 6a overhang, prow, sitstart
- 6a overhang


L'Épouvant'Caille 5+ arete, expo
La Mini-Proue 5+ 6a arete, sitstart
Le Cigare 5+ overhang
Le Poinçonneur du Patouillat 5+ 6a traverse frtl, pockets
Le Retour du Poinçonneur 5+ 6a traverse fltr, pockets
Le Sablier 5+ wall
- 5+ pillar, overhang
- 5+ overhang, arete, sitstart
- 5+ wall, pockets


Corne d'Aurochs 5 arete, sitstart
Little Angus 5 arete
Lychen-Entropie (direct) 5 5+ wall, arete
Ninja Kick 5 Kobe Bellinkx prow
- 5 5+ wall, pockets
- 5 Sébastien Papillon wall, sitstart


Dodu Dindon 5- monos
Le Cigarillo 5- overhang
Tempête dans un Bénitier 5- arete, sitstart
- 5- wall
- 5- wall
- 5- wall, pockets


La Cul Verte 4+ 5- mantle, crimps
Le Petit Théâtre 4+ wall, arete
- 4+ wall, crimps
- 4+ mantle
- 4+ 5- crack


Barbouille 4 wall, pockets
Gribouille 4 wall, crimps
Passage Secret 4 arete
- 4 Sébastien Papillon slightly overhanging, sitstart


Le Dièdre 4- dihedral
- 4-
- 4- slab


Gazouillis 3+ wall
Le Rouge-Gorge 3+ wall
- 3+ crimps


Bête à Plumes 3 wall, pockets
- 3 Sébastien Papillon


- 3- slab