Boissy Norgevaux (Hunting area)    

Please behave respectfully, especially during the hunting season (Oct-Feb).

Small area that has been kept secret for a long time. Please behave respectfully, park carefully and don't go here in the hunting season. Follow the wide path of the GR until a clearing on the left. At the end of the clearing, a path leads right into the woods. This path makes a wide bend to the right, narrowing and finally arriving at the first boulder, the roof, of the area. The second boulder is west of this.

King 7c+ Maxime Baroud roof, sitstart
La Queue de Godzilla (prolongé) 7c Lionel Demenais loop, roof, sitstart
Kong 7c Maxime Baroud roof, sitstart
La Queue de Godzilla 7a+ Frédéric Buc traverse fltr, roof, sitstart
Godzilla 6c+ Alain Dupas roof, sitstart
30ème Rugissant 7b Alain Dupas roof, sitstart
Godzilla (direct) 6c roof, sitstart
Scylla 7a David Evrard, Damien Roguiez, Christian Merimeche traverse frtl, slopers, sitstart
30ème Rugissant (direct sans convention) 6b 6c roof, underclings, sitstart
C.Q.P. (gauche) 7a+ Maxime Baroud wall, sitstart
Scylla (retour) 7a+ Laurent Darlot traverse fltr, roof, sitstart
30ème Rugissant (direct) 7a+ 7a Bart van Raaij roof, sitstart
C.Q.P. 6c 6c+ Alain Dupas wall, dyno, sitstart
Scylla (prolongé) 7b+ Laurent Darlot traverse frtl, slopers, sitstart