Oncy-sur-École Sud (Hunting area)    

  • Author: David Evrard

Please behave respectfully, especially during the hunting season (Oct-Feb).

As some boulders are close to houses, the utmost discretion is required, as is parking, which is very limited in the village and along the roads.


Binocles 6c 6c+ David Evrard, Stéphan Denys wall, crack, pockets


Candide 7a+ traverse fltr


Horizon Funeste 7a traverse fltr



L'Ingénu 7a+ traverse frtl
La Déroule 7a wall, dyno
La Dérouleuse 6c wall, dyno
Le Traquenard 6c slopers


Vire-Volt 7b+ Thierry Guéguen roof, sitstart
Volt Face 7c Thierry Guéguen roof, sitstart


- 6c David Evrard, Laurent Darlot wall, crack
- 6c David Evrard, Laurent Darlot traverse frtl, crack
- 6b David Evrard, Laurent Darlot wall, crack
- 6a+ slightly overhanging, sitstart
- 5+ Christian Merimeche
- 4+ crack