• Climber: Amaël BABONNEAU

This area, which has been discovered in 2000 by Fabien Marchand, has only a few climbable boulders. Apart from THE roof, the area has practically no other interesting boulder problems, except a small traverse opened in June 2003 ("La Questa", 7b+). The boulders are situated on a private plot, but despite extensive research the owner is still unknown. So, for the moment, your discretion is very much appreciated if you pay the area a visit! It is located in Orsay (Le Guichet) near Paris, about 35 minutes North of Fontainebleau. On this page you find an access map of the area, please park at the designated parking lot drawn on the map, in order to be as discrete as possible!


L'Acte Oublié 8a 7c Daniel Andrada Jiménez roof
L'Arête du Débroussaillage 6b+ Ludo Hourlier, Alain Lombard arete, crimps, sitstart
La Force 8c 8c+ Alban Levier roof, crack
La Questa 7b+ Fabien Marchand traverse frtl, slopers
La Sablée 5 Ludo Hourlier, Alain Lombard wall
Le Pied-Main du Sécateur 6a+ Ludo Hourlier, Alain Lombard wall, mantle, sitstart
Le Toit d'Orsay (partie finale) 7b Jacky Godoffe overhang, dyno
Les Rainures 5 Ludo Hourlier, Alain Lombard wall


Man vs Pig 7c Killian Chabrier crack
Morpheus 7c Jacky Godoffe overhang, jump


Quoi de Neuf 8c Rémy Bergasse roof, overhang
Quoi de Neuf (acte 1) 8a 7c+ Jacky Godoffe roof
Quoi de Neuf (acte 2) 8b 8a+ Jacky Godoffe overhang


Trinity 7c+ Guillaume Glairon Mondet, Christophe Grelaud crimps, mantle, dyno


Une Pensée pour les Grands 7a Ludo Hourlier, Alain Lombard traverse frtl


Vertical'Art 8b+ Alban Levier roof, crack