Big Dragon (version obsolète) 8a+ 8a Petit Bois

slightly overhanging, arete, slopers
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Author: Roo Mellor
Climber: Killian Chabrier Author: Pascal Foulon
Picture - Big dragon (06-03-2009 11:08)
Does anyone have a picture of " Big Dragon" ?
Only movies. - Anonymous (06-03-2009 11:53)
Second boulder on that one :

And if I'm not wrong, there's the Dave Grahams' attempts on another vid (I look for it and post it if I find)
Found it :D - Anonymous (06-03-2009 11:59)
The last sequence of the movie, the name is still "project" but I guess it's the one :)
Why? - unknown (21-03-2005 18:33)
Broken spike on the dragon, I think this is the truth?
spike - J (30-05-2005 20:13)
nothing is broken, its just really small. i had a feel this weekend and it doesn't feel like anything is gone, nor does it look like anything was chipped

no worries

(try it in colder temps than 30+ degrees Celcius to prevent total skin (read: finger) loss with one attempt though ;)
method - Anonymous (20-02-2007 10:58)
is there a defined method to this problem or is it just who goes up is right?
with undercling I guess you mean the big one left of the rounded arete, right? (as you could also start at the arete itself)
what would be the standing start graded?
Method - Anonymous (20-02-2007 12:54)
Who goes up is right! Start low with both hands on the big undercling left of the arête, make a big move right to the arête and go up with a smaller undercling and a sloper on the arête. Finish with the spike and the good bowls on top! The standing start is not much easier the crux is to move up with the spike right hand and a heel hook right on the sloper.
thanks, bart! - Anonymous (21-02-2007 12:22)
you may answer also to my post 'unknown boulder, rocher fin'.
mybe you're the one to know it.
Old and new beta - Gib (24-03-2012 11:05)
This boulder is only 8a+ with the old beta (right foot heelhook high on the arete). The new beta (left foot toehook in undercling and jump directly) is 8a.
This might explain the discrepancy in the registered ascents.