Rocher de la Petite Reine    

For the more direct access, use the parking lot along the D64 (before the bend), follow Le Chemin du Rocher de la Reine for 1500m and turn right at a small path to the opposite of Le Chemin des Enclos (after the "S").
Another access (indicated on the topo) is to park at the auberge du Bois Rond, follow the TMF up to the plateau of Le Rocher de la Reine, continue for 300m to the East and go down in the North side of the ridge at a fork.


Papillon 8a Christophe Laumone arete, slopers, sitstart


Exponentiel (gauche) 7c 7b+ Gérald Coste, David Evrard prow, sitstart, expo
Petite Hyène 7c Thierry Guéguen traverse fltr
Skeleton 7c 7c+ Stéphane Brette, Julien Nadiras overhang, sitstart


Azkaban 7b+ Aurélien Sassier slightly overhanging, slopers, crimps
Exponentiel 7b+ Thierry Guéguen prow, sitstart, expo
La Poulidor (sortie par l'arête) 7b+ 7c Manuel Marquès roof, arete, crimps
Le Miroir 7b+ Thierry Guéguen wall
Maléfique 7b+ David Evrard crimps, slopers, underclings
Projection Privée (gauche) 7b+ Thierry Guéguen sitstart, mantle


A Fortiori 7b Gérald Coste, Tony Fouchereau wall, dyno, sitstart
La Poulidor (du bas) 7b roof, slightly overhanging, crimps
Tezcalipoca 7b David Evrard slightly overhanging, sitstart


Grosso Mono 7a+ Thierry Guéguen traverse frtl, wall, monos
In Extenso 7a+ 7b Thierry Guéguen slightly overhanging, expo
L152 7a+ Thierry Guéguen traverse frtl, sitstart
Pépitasky 7a+ Marc Lehner slightly overhanging, slopers, sitstart
Pianissimo (assis) 7a+ David Evrard, Stéphan Denys slopers, underclings, sitstart


Fortiori 7a Thierry Guéguen wall, dyno, slopers
Gretel 7a David Evrard crack, crimps, sitstart
Hansel 7a David Evrard overhang, underclings, sitstart
Haut de Là 7a Thierry Guéguen wall, high, expo
L'Arête de la Poulidor 7a 7a+ arete, expo
La Fissure du Bivouac (assis) 7a David Evrard crack, underclings, sitstart
La Poulidor 7a Thierry Guéguen slightly overhanging, crimps
Pépitov 7a Marc Lehner, Louis Dalençon slightly overhanging, slopers
Projection Privée 7a 7a+ Thierry Guéguen sitstart, slightly overhanging, dyno
Suspension de Séance 7a Thierry Guéguen arete, slopers
Viracocha 7a David Evrard pillar, sitstart, expo


Grosso Mono (direct) 6c Thierry Guéguen wall, monos
Le Suspensoir 6c Thierry Guéguen arete
Pianissimo 6c David Evrard, Stéphan Denys underclings, slopers
Pole Position 6c Thierry Guéguen wall, arete
Séant 6c Thierry Guéguen slightly overhanging, sitstart
Shit 6c Thierry Guéguen arete


Prestissimo 6b+ Thierry Guéguen slightly overhanging, expo
Shooting 6b+ Thierry Guéguen wall
- 6b+ Thierry Guéguen wall, high


Jacuzzi 6b David Evrard slightly overhanging, crack, sitstart
Le Jardin des Nains 6b Christian Merimeche slab, crimps
Pachamama 6b David Evrard wall, mantle, expo
Spa 6b David Evrard wall


L'Épée 6a+ Gars Des Bois arete
Le Petit Miroir 6a+ Thierry Guéguen wall, dyno
- 6a+ Thierry Guéguen wall