T-Rex (assis) 8a 8a+ Cuvier Rempart

pillar, slightly overhanging, sitstart
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  • 4.5 Stars
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  • 8a: 82.3%
  • (62 total)
Climber: Chris Sharma
Copyright: Stéphan Denys
Climber: Bart van Raaij
A chaque jour suffit son huit... - Hou là là (07-04-2013 11:50)
Décidément, plus rien n'arête Alban, tu as des ailes ou quoi ! Bravo pour tes perfs à la vitesse du son.
T-Rex "a droite" - Anonymous (20-01-2009 20:46)
Some confusion, perhaps many have avoided the original line to the medallion?
I saw tick marks out to the right around the "pillar".. Any info on this line?
I finished it today from the sit start, and it seems on the low end of 8a, maybe 7c+... Seems like it should be listed as a variant (?)
Good climbing!