Gorges du Houx Rocher du Renard    

This small sector has been explored only recently.
Access: park the car along La Route Ronde at the parking lot of Carrefour de la Croix de Franchard. Follow La Route du Mont-Aigu and then the GR 11 up to La Route du Rondelet. After a few meters, take to the left the variant n°8 of the blue path, leaving the GR 11 and the variant n°8 on the right. The first boulders appear on the left after a short but steep slope (1100m from the parking lot).


Cholestérol 6c Pepito, - wall


Canon Rock 2 6b+ Pepito, - crack, sitstart


Camisole 6b Pepito, - wall
Profil Droit 6b Pepito, Blokeur, - slightly overhanging, mantle, sitstart
Prouesse 6b Pepito, - prow
Soif d'Action 6b Pepito wall, slightly overhanging, sitstart


Canon Rock 1 6a+ Pepito, - crack, sitstart
Profil Gauche 6a+ Pepito, Blokeur, - slightly overhanging, arete, sitstart


La Rampette 6a Pepito arete, sitstart
Le Suppositoire 6a Pepito, Blokeur wall, arete, expo
Naufrage 6a Pepito, - crack
Orphéon 6a Pepito slab, wall
Petite Merveille 6a Pepito, - wall


Calamine 5+ Pepito slab


Aigre-Doux 5 Pepito slab
Idée Fixe 5 crack, sitstart


Catch en Dalle 5- Pepito slab
Ligne de Fuite 5- Pepito, - arete


Infarctus 4+ Pepito, - slightly overhanging


La Renardeau 3+ slab