La Ségognole Ouest    

This small sector gathers the problems located on the other side of the asphalted road of la Ségognole from the classical circuits.

Lamia-San (assis) 7c 7c+ Grégoire Thibault wall, slopers, sitstart
Lamia-San 7b+ 7c Grégoire Thibault wall, slopers
Réflexion Interdite 7a Blokeur pillar
La Dérobade 6a+ Pepito arete, wall, underclings
L'Enrobade 7a Stéphan Denys, Fabrice Frébourg, Anne Bouchard wall
L'Arête des Boss 6b Pepito slab, pillar, high
Délit Mineur 6a Pepito pillar, bidoigts
Émission en Direct 6c Pepito wall, dyno
Tao Pai Pai 7a+ Grégoire Thibault arete, slopers, underclings
Tao Pai Pai (assis) 7b Grégoire Thibault slightly overhanging, arete, sitstart
Émission 6a wall, pockets
Terrain Miné 6a Pepito wall, expo
Upa 7a David Evrard wall, slab
Le Plat de Noah 6b 6b+ Filip Notebaert wall, slopers, sitstart
Le Plat de Noah (droite) 7a 6c+ Filip Notebaert wall, slopers, sitstart
Émission (assis) 6a+ wall, pockets, sitstart
L'Enrobade (assis) 7a+ Luca Modoni wall
L'Effet Valse 6b+ arete, mantle
Tao Pai Pai (gauche) 6b 6c David Evrard, Stéphan Denys wall, sitstart
Pas de Chichi 6c David Evrard wall
Oolong 6b 6c Fabrice Frébourg wall