Sponsoring is an independent, completely free database, with no ads. However, publishing the website is not free. The database grows every year and therefore the costs are increasing. On this page we will keep you informed about the costs and offer possibilities to contribute to the continuity and independence of

Total costs website per year:
2020: € 590,57 (cost reductions implemented and probably less traffic due to Covid-19 restrictions)
2019: € 704,97
2018: € 655,17
2017: € 314,30
2016: € 287,71

Possibilities to contribute
One way to support us is to buy a T-shirt. The shirts are made of dark grey, pure organic cotton with a two-tone print on the front. All ‘profits’ will be used to pay for the costs of If you want to order a shirt, send an email to We don't have a webshop so you will be asked to transfer €30 (plus shipping costs, €8 for most European countries) to our Dutch bank account.

Buying packages within the 5+6 7+8 app is a great way to help you find the problems you want to do and to sponsor All profits will be used to pay for the costs of The app is a supplement to the 5+6 and 7+8 guides and the yield of the books also ensures the maintenance of

The gîte BLOASIS is our first sponsor. Check the news section of their website to see what they do for us (and you!).

More information will follow. If you would like to support us, please contact us at