Ant Hill Mob 6b+ Buthiers Tennis

wall, mantle
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Climber: Neil Hart
Bigre ! - stiastef (10-09-2009 18:59)
j'espère qu'ils ne pensent pas avoir fait une ouverture en faisant cette voie ?
Name - Anthill Mob - Anonymous (29-07-2009 20:16)
Cheers Neil, awesome session. We'll have to get the Dyno next time!!
? - Anonymous (10-09-2009 23:33)
If I am reading your french correctly, you are saying that this problem has already been opened?, I thought it should have been as it is an obvious bloc to climb, I checked all around on this site and no one came up with anything to suggest the route had been done, espesially as I had to clean all the moss from the boulder

so if I am incorect