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In 1998 Jos Leenen and Adwin Timmer claimed On this website they published a list with 'all' straight ups graded 7a and up in Fontainebleau, compiled by Bart van Raaij. Bart's list was based on all information available at the time, including a list by Eric Lucas that he had published on the former website On September 12, 2001, Adwin registered the domain name In 2002, direttissima and 7ableau merged into In the following years traverses and easier problems were added with the help of Eric and Christophe Dulieu, and in particular of Jean-Pierre Roudneff since 2004. In 2016, Adwin stopped Bart van Raaij took over the database and with Bernard Kroes they rebuilt the website from scratch. To this day, the database is maintained by Jean-Pierre, Bart and Grégory Garabedian and Bernard provides the technology.

Climbers visiting Fontainebleau for the first time often don't know how numerous and spread out the different climbing areas are (one hundred kilometers from the most Northern to the most Southern area!).

The database provides information about 40.000 boulder problems in 287 areas in Fontainebleau. An interactive map shows the location of these areas. Of course not all areas have the same interest or the same density of boulders. The basic and advanced search help you to find the problems you are looking for. Most problems are illustrated by a photo or video. All this information is freely available to everyone.

If you sign in and create a profile (top-right) you can log and rate your ascents. You can create a list of your 'to do' problems and keep track of your friends public ascents (you can control the visibility, private or public, of all your ascents). Your private profile page shows all of your ascents and statistics. As a connected user you are able to keep track of new stuff like recently added problems or photo's/video's in a chosen grade range.

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