Incassable (assis) 7a+ 7a Bois Rond Auberge

François-Xavier Joubert, Tony Fouchereau
arete, crimps, dyno

Near the bottom of the slope, above La Route d'Arbonne à Achères. Sitstart at the angle, climb that one and dyno for a crimp right hand which has partially broken off.

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  • 3.7 Stars
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  • Given grades
  • 7a: 11.8%
  • 7a+: 88.2%
  • (17 total)
Starts at 00:05
Climber: Jérôme Chaput
Mouaif - Anonymous (23-03-2014 17:54)
Passé hier sur ce réglette n'existe plus. La ligne est toujours faisable mais devient un poil morpho et un cran plus dur je suppose.
still possible - Anonymous (06-05-2014 15:25)
Well didn't know about the broken hold. I used the small good hold more to the right. This makes the problem probable a bit easier, but is a logical line.