traverse frtl
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repeind - Anonymous (29-10-2006 20:51)
Pourquoi a ce route etait repaindu plus bas? Il me semble qu'on ne doit pas utilise les deux prises dans photo no 2 et 6?
la canche c'est de la merde - albert (03-11-2006 00:57)
eh oui koubiac
repainted - Anonymous (29-10-2006 20:51)
why has the route been repainted lower than it used to be? It seems to as one is not supposed to use the two holds that is beeing grabbed at picture no 2 and 6 on the right?
No idea - Anonymous (29-10-2006 21:02)
Yeah, I have no idea either. The pictures might show an 'old method' of the boulder (the old arrows are still visible), but it is the most logical method. Especially when you are larger, the lower method is harder and less logical. Jean-Jacques Naëls is the one who does the repaint jobs, and he made more curious decisions with this circuit (like exchanging some numbers in the beginning of the circuit).